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Establishing a Scholarship at TC3

A scholarship is a very personal investment. As a scholarship donor, you decide the educational goals you want to support and the type of student(s) you want to help. Scholarships are usually awarded on the basis of need or merit and may be directed to an individual academic program.

Endowed Scholarships

As an individual, or a representative of a business or community organization, you can establish an endowed (permanent) scholarship fund at Tompkins Cortland Community College with a gift of $10,000 or more. When you endow a scholarship, you make an investment that affects generations of TC3 students. Your initial gift is carefully invested, and while the principal remains intact, a portion of the interest it earns funds the scholarship in perpetuity.

Gifts can be made outright, or a payment plan can be established over a period of years. We suggest that the scholarship be established over a three-year period.

You can specify how the scholarship will be titled. Scholarships may be established in your name, or in the name of a business or an organization you represent. You may also choose to name the scholarship to honor or memorialize a friend or beloved family member.

The chief development officer will work with you and/or your advisors to establish the scholarship and to outline criteria for the selection of recipients.

Annual Scholarships

Many donors choose to establish annual scholarships that can be funded by a gift from the donor each year. The amount of support varies, and the TC3 Foundation will send you an annual invoice as well as the scholarship criteria for your approval.

The scholarship is established similarly to an endowed scholarship with the chief development officer working with you to establish the annual award amount and the award criteria. 

Memorial Scholarships

Some donors choose to establish a scholarship to honor the memory of current or former students, faculty, or a family member or loved one for whom TC3 held a special meaning. Memorial scholarships may be one-time award, an annual award, or endowed.

Other Scholarship Support

TC3 has numerous scholarships already established. Gifts may be made to any of these funds at any time.

For More Information

If you would like more information about establishing a scholarship, please contact Julie Gerg at 607.844.8222, Ext. 4401.

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