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Annual Campaign

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The Annual Campaign truly makes a difference at TC3 and in the lives of its students. The 2011-12 Annual Campaign hopes to raise $190,000 to support the College and its initiatives. And with your help we can accomplish this goal. Just look at what your belief in TC3 accomplished last year.

Last year the Annual Campaign raised $198,564.

With the support of people like you, we can surpass last year's total and this year's goal. Together we make a difference!

About the TC3 Foundation's Annual Campaign

The Annual Campaign is the cornerstone of the Foundationís fundraising activities. Each year we conduct a campaign within the community asking both individuals and businesses to help support the College with donations.

TC3 receives support from:

The Annual Campaign enables the College to provide necessary funding to the following areas:

The TC3 Fund

The TC3 Fund provides the Foundation with the flexibility necessary to support a wide range of opportunities at TC3 for students, faculty and staff, and community members. It also gives the Foundation the ability to respond quickly to the needs of the College, Faculty and Staff, and Students, which is vital to the well being of the TC3 community. The TC3 Fund provides the financial means needed to develop the new ideas and programs that help TC3 maintain a competitive edge in a highly competitive world. This also supports the greatest number of students and supports emerging programs.


Scholarships and grants provide the funds TC3 students need to reach their educational goals and begin leading a better life. This also makes a college education accessible to students with a financial need. Your gift to a scholarship fund helps both students and the community. Over 80% of TC3 graduates remain in Cortland, Tompkins, and Tioga Counties, contributing to the growth and vitality of our communities. The scholarship endowment serves the purpose to raise enough money to support our TC3 college students for years to come. When this endowment raises enough money the College can continue to support more and more students continuously.

The Service Tradition

The Service Tradition Scholarship of TC3 provides scholarships to students who achieve academic success with a 3.0 GPA, demonstrate financial need, are currently employed at least 150 hours a semester, and volunteer in the community at least 30 hours a semester. Students develop a strong work ethic, provide service to their community, and receive up to $2,000 annually. This also encourages a strong work ethic among students and builds a volunteer base for the community.


The equipment endowment serves the purpose to raise enough money to support the College for years to come. Local employers need graduates trained on the latest technology. The College also trains thousands of existing employees from local companies through Over the last year TC3 has supplied 44 businesses with training and development opportunities, and had 42% of its graduating class join the workforce. This ensures TC3 graduates are trained in the computer hardware and software used by businesses today. This also allows for TC3 to respond to shifting technology. When this endowment raises enough money the College can continue to upgrade technology continuously.

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